Finale Johnson Norton for the 100th

Fighting for Hard-Working Families & Equal Treatment for All

 “As your Delegate, I will support all legislation that helps people in the district feel secure in their jobs, treats them fairly, and provides support and solutions to keep our homes and communities safe. Democracy matters. Everyone should be heard.”

– Finale Johnson Norton

Finale’s Priorities for Norfolk and the Eastern Shore

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The first five years of a child’s life are crucial to development that will impact the rest of their lives. It’s why we need to invest in early childhood education. All of our children deserve safe schools, a great education, and training that prepares them for our 21st-century economy.

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Fair pay shouldn’t be the exception — it should be the norm. We have the opportunity to bring better-paying remote and in-person jobs to our area. Investment in job training will be critical to preparing our workforce for the ever-changing economy.

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The Chesapeake Bay is vital to our economy and way of life on the Eastern Shore and Norfolk. We need policies that support clean drinking water and clean energy, along with responsible aquaculture and agriculture.

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Too many Americans face financial ruin because of the sky-high cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. It’s time that our Delegate fights for a healthcare system that prioritizes people over profit. What’s more, our health and homecare workers deserve better protections and pay.

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Infrastructure and Broadband

Vital infrastructure expands beyond roads and bridges. Broadband access has become increasingly integral to participating in the modern economy. And, as the pandemic has taught us, it’s essential for our children’s education. All of our communities need reliable, affordable internet.